Methods of sale


The Auction can achieve results beyond expectations. Rest assured we understand anxiety around the process.  Auctions let buyers bid against each other. You work with your agent, set a reserve price before the auction and once this price is reached, the property is sold to the highest bidder.

Auction reduces the time the property is on the market.


Listing a property for sale by tender is a process where buyers submit written offers to the agency before the specified deadline. The tender process is not defined in legislation – the process is set out in the tender document.


A deadline sale is very similar to a tender process but is less formal. In this sale method, the property is marketed for a set period with an advertised end date. 


Also known as "PBN", in this sale method there is no end date for offers, and potential purchasers make offers based on what they think the property is worth in the current market.

Source: REA